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As some of you might have noticed, skyblock is having some issues for the past few months.

I have spent countless hours of trying different kinds of fixes, removing plugins, changing settings and idk what else.
But sadly, nothing worked... sad
As a last attempt at trying to fix the problems, and to keep the servers more organized, I will be migrating the servers to another host and reset all data/islands.
The reset, because there are currently too many available islands spots on the server which probably won't be used, and which can cause problems.

So that way we can start with a fresh new server and hopefully no more shutdowns laugh

No idea why I wrote this and no one will read this or even care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

17 Jan 2019, 00:38 1 | 2
Pvp has been added to the server!

It is still new, so if you find any bugs, be sure to report them!

To join the arena use either of the following commands:
/pvparena join dragon
/pa join dragon

The current dragon themed map is made by Mauriciocrepper
More maps/gamemodes will be coming later laugh

12 Aug 2018, 13:02 2 | 7
Hey all!

Because a few of you have asked for a site, and a way to donate, this website was born! laugh

It's still a bit empty, but tell me what you think.
Any suggestions? Pages you'd like to see?
Different colors maybe?

Just drop a reply cheeky

14 Jul 2018, 03:27 1 | 10